Thursday, January 31, 2008


Lorenzo is a kissing fool. Everytime we tell him to give me a beso, it is like your first kiss all over again:) Wide open mouth with lots of slobber, and he even comes in slow with a big smile on his face. It is cute to watch, but watch out when you are getting the beso. Especially since I think he is going to get his first tooth very soon he is even more slobbery. Oh so much fun! I want to get a picture of this with Spencer of course.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hope I am not the only one who has done this!

It is so cold here! Today was one of those days that you can't go outside with just a coat. You have to have gloves, hat, scarf, etc. Your face hurts just going outside because of the wind chill factor, but we braved the cold and went to wal-mart. On our way out of wal-mart, I put my kids in their car-seats without buckling them because it was so cold and started the car. Then I got out to buckle them up. Somehow when I got out I locked the doors. I was so scared. My car was running and I couldn't get Esperanza to unlock the door. I didn't have a cell phone and we don't have a spare key. I didn't know what to do. Luckily there are nice people in this world. Some lady stopped and called triple A for me. Lorenzo rolled out of his car seat and onto the floor so he was screaming. I felt so bad. This guy also stopped and called the police for me since triple A said they would be 45 minutes. Well, triple A and the police arrived at the same time and helped. Oh man I am so glad those people helped me. I don't know what I would have done.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


My wild child
The funniest thing happened today, well I at least think it was funny Esperanza's nursery teacher probably doesn't. I better first explain that Esperanza has a heart of gold she loves kids and she loves to play, but she also is a little firecracker. You will always know she is around. She definately is not quiet and submissive. During Priesthood Spencer got a visit from Esperanza's nursery leader and Esperanza. They kicked her out of nursery. The teacher said she is being a terror she keeps throwing crayons and I told her if she kept throwing them then I would take her to her dad. Well, of course she threw more. Like she cares if they take her to her dad. I guess Spencer finally took her back, but I thought it was funny. It kind of reminds me of her cousin Elyssia who had to go to the principals office on her first week of preschool. I am sure they could make a lot of trouble together.

Pictures of Cleveland


This has kind of been a busy week for us. On Monday Spencer had the day off for Martin Luther King day so we decided to take advantage and go to Cleveland. We decided to go to a children's museum for the kids. We kind of got a late start so by the time we got there Esperanza was very tired and ready for a nap, but we decided to press on. We actually drove around the block a couple of time looking for the museum thinking it would be pretty big since this was Cleveland. So when we finally found it, it was tiny and crowded. There were so many kids! Chaos. It was kind of funny because Toledo had a huge children's museum until about a month ago. So we were a little disappointed. I don't think the kids cared one way or the other they had a good time. Then we went to an art gallery and Spencer showed me the Brown's stadium (of course he has already been to a game). While we were at the Brown's stadium we saw where we should have spent the day. There is a huge science museum right on the shore of Lake Erie. I guess we will have to go there next time. It was a fun day though. It was fun to get to spend time with our whole family.
I was tagged by Timani to post 7 little known facts about me.

1. I am addicted to hostess cupcakes. I absolutely love them. I know they aren't even real food, but if I buy a box I could literally eat it all in one day. So we very seldom have them in my house.

2. I am been in 3 bike accidents in my life. The first one was when I was learning to ride a bike. My brother was teaching me and when he let go I looked back and ended up flipping over the handle bars and I got two black eyes and a huge goose egg on my forehead. The second was in elementary school and a car almost hit me so I swerved and fell. The ambulance had to come and get me and I spent the night in the hospital. The third was in high school. Spencer rode a bike down to my house to see me. We decided he would give me a pump on the handle bars. He started going really fast and didn't see a speed bump on the road because it was kind of dark and I flipped off of the bike and he ran over me. I wasn't seriously hurt, but I did have tire mark ingrained in my leg for awhile.

3. I absolutely hate to wash the silverware. This isn't too much of a problem if you have a dishwasher, but in the apartment we live in there is no dishwasher (it is like the dark ages). I hate how the metal scraps on the metal. Gross!!!

4. Spencer can always tell when I have a book that I am absorbed in because the house falls into absolute chaos! So I guess I have a single tracked mind. I will literally read the book and do nothing else. My poor kids :)

5. I have a lotion fetish. If I wash my hands I must have lotion on them after otherwise I have a hard time touching anything. (Rebecca I know you can relate to this).

6. I enjoy cooking. I really like to try new recipes. I think it is exciting to try new and different types of food, but I wish I didn't have to be on clean up duty ever.

7. I enjoy going hunting with my brothers (although I no longer get invited now that I have kids) I mostly enjoy it for the hiking, but I know that is weird.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One of Esperanza and Lorenzo's favorite games is pushing each other around in the doll stroller. If is so funny to watch especially when Lorenzo pushes Esperanza. So today I looked so silly. I went to the post office and I had three really big boxes that I had to mail. So I have my two kids and these three boxes. I am trying to figure out how on earth I am going to carry my kids and these things inside. So I decide to get the stroller, brilliant, right? No, These boxes are so big that only one will fit on the stroller and I am trying to stack all of them on top of each other and they just keep falling off and Lorenzo is screaming in his car seat because he wants out and Essy is running all over. So by this time 3-4 people have stopped and asked if I need help and I say no then one man who asked if he could help me comes back after watching me for like ten minutes and insisted on helping. Thank goodness. I really should have swallowed my pride in the beginning, or better yet not gone to the post office with my two kids and three enormous boxes. I am sure it was funny for all the spectators though. Spencer started ping pong intermerals tonight. His first game is at 11:00pm, and he is so excited. It is funny. I am surprised he is playing again since the last time he did ping pong intermerals he got beat by a girl twice (the same girl).


So I have decided that we are moving into our pediatrician's office. We have literally been living there. It feels like we just get over our sickness and then it starts all over again. Lorenzo is just finishing his 3rd kind of antibiotics for an ear infection. It is crazy and Esperanza keeps having problems with her lungs. It is out of control. And of course getting them to take their medicine is like holding down an elephant. I don't know where all of their strength comes from. But on a more positive note. They have been quite pleasant for being sick for so long.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I almost killed myself today. Scary! I was blow drying my hair and my blow dryer started on fire. So I started screaming and almost turned on the tap and threw it in some water. I would have electricuted myself. It was a close call before my rational brain kicked in. Whew. So I thought I would share the good news that Spencer got a job. He is working as a small claims assistant at the Toledo Municipal court. It is 12 hours a week, but any income is so welcome in this house. It will be good experience for him too. We are still waiting to hear from some firms to see if he has a summer job yet. I am finding out that I am not that patient. Spencer and I have always kind of flown by the seat of our pants without much planning, but now that I have kids and having to wait and not know what our plans are for the summer is killing me. Also I have been wanting to go back to work like one day a week, but I can't until I know if we will be around this summer. So I feel like we are in a waiting mode.

Friday, January 11, 2008

how embarrassing

So I thought I would share an embarrassing moment that happened today. There is a store here called playground world; they sell playground equipment and they open it up for the public for an hour on Fridays so we go and play sometimes. Anyways Esperanza is not yet potty trained but she loves to wear underwear and it is OK around the house because I can take to the toilet or whatever, but this morning I forgot that she had on underwear and we went to playground world. She was up on one of the tall swing sets and Lorenzo was under it on a tire swing and all of the sudden he got a shower of urine and Esperanza started to cry. There were all of these kids up there stepping in her pee. How awful. So I clean it up and then a woman is telling the worker that someone peed and he better clean it up. So I have to fess up and tell him that we took care of it. So needless to say we left, but I was so embarrassed. Should I go back is the big question. Spencer told me that I make way too big of a deal of things. Well, I thought it was a good story. I really should be feeling thankful I guess that it was Esperanza's pee on Lorenzo and not a strangers. Esperanza also did the cutest thing this morning. We recently moved Lorenzo into Esperanza's room because we felt like he couldn't sleep in the kitchen any longer (long story for another post). Lorenzo woke up at 5:00am like he does every morning and I decided that I would see if I let him cry for a little while if he would go back to sleep, well he ended up waking up Esperanza and I hear her in there saying lowenzo lowenzo you want your daddy? She is just patting his back and trying to calm him down finally she says mommy lowenzo is crying. It was so sweet. Needless to say we were all up at 5am instead of just Lorenzo.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

So I thought I had better give a little intro since we have now joined the world of blogging. I told Spencer that I was going to start a blogg and so he posted a bunch of pictures. Anyways we have had fun thoughtout the holidays. We stayed here in Ohio and enjoyed time with Spencer off of school. It seems like time off of school goes really fast. I can't believe that school starts on Monday. Christmas was a lot of fun because Esperanza and Lorenzo had so much fun! For a whole month Esperanza had said that Santa was going to bring her a baby and candy so she was so excited when Christmas finally came. Then her cousins gave her a Cinderella outfit and she went nuts. I think she wore it for like three days in a row. We also had a very fun new year since new years eve we spent in the hospital with a sick little Esperanza, but I think we are all finally starting to feel better. So that better be all of the sickness that we get.

Lorenzo on Christmas morning, he got a basketball hoop and some balls and you wouldn't think that a 9 month old would care very much, but it is amazing how much he likes them. I don't know if it is genetic or if Spencer has already socialized him that way, but he will get up on his knees and kneel in front of the hoop and try to throw the ball into the hoop of course the hoop is like 4 times his height and the ball usually ends up falling onto his head it is really cute to watch.

This was a couple of days before Christmas, Esperanza and Lorenzo managed to break about half the pieces of Katrina's nativity sets on the bookshelf.

Christmas Eve, Esperanza was Mary with baby Jesus, little Lorenzo had a big role as Joseph, and Spencer was a shepard.
Esperanza (& baby) and lorenzo trying to build a snowman. Lorenzo wasn't able to move around a whole lot, but he was a trooper.

This picture was taken during the Toledo football game, as you can tell there is not much of a crowd and Spencer's the only one watching the game. Lorenzo in the blue blanket, and Esperanza with her friend Taylor.

This is classic Lorenzo, he barely learned to crawl on all fours. Before that he always did the army crawl like he's doing in this picture.

Esperanza loves to give fake smiles for the camera. This picture was taken at our home after she refused to smile at the photo studio.

Halloween 2007

BYU vs. yewtah game day