Monday, May 26, 2008

"I need to"

Esperanza's new thing is to say she needs to do something. She had a pen and started to write on the wall and I told her to stop writing on the walls and she said, but mom I need to write on the wall. I know I shouldn't laugh because it only encourages her, but I couldn't help it. So now everytime I tell her not to do something. She says, but mom I need to.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I thought this was cute

Working woman

Well, I am officially a working woman. I am working as a case manager for a home health agency, and I am really liking it. It feels weird to be back in the work field, but this job does give me quite a bit of flexibility so I can work a little from home and still be able to spend time with my kids. I do miss them though. It is nice to be back in Utah near our family. Spencer is enjoying his job, and the kids love all of their cousins and friends. It doesn't even phase them that I go to work because there are so many kids to play with. So for now our life is starting to calm down, but knowing us it probably won't stay calm for too long. That would be too easy :)