Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter, Birthday, Etc.

Life has been a little bit crazy lately. Spencer has been gone more than normal because he has had a competition at school and then we had Easter and Lorenzo's birthday and I have had three job interviews. Whoo! It has been fun though. So to start off Easter we had a Easter egg hunt and party at the Church on the wed. before Easter, which Esperanza loved and then on Saturday I decided to be brave and let my kids dye eggs. I really am brave to let a one and two year old go at it. They actually had a great time and did pretty good. I finally ended it when Lorenzo dumped a cup of dye all over the place. Luckily nothing got stained I stripped them done first (smart thinking:)!
Their hands and arms and legs were quite a site after! Esperanza was dictating what eggs go where. I was going to just let them use raw eggs so they didn't go to waste since I am the only one who likes boiled eggs. I am glad I thought that one out first. Although I might have a better story to tell:)
Sunday Morning we hid the kids baskets and had a mini egg hunt around our apartment. I was so proud of Esperanza she would find one egg for her and one egg for Lorenzo. She was sweet! I said to Spencer on Saturday that we should hide the baskets and do all the Easter bunny stuff on Saturday and try to focus on the spiritual part of Easter on Sunday. He shot me right down saying your family or my family didn't do that growing up and we are not going to start now. He is so funny. I love him.

Here is my little Easter bunny! Isn't he cute. I think my mom made this little hat. It had a bunny outfit that went with it at some point, but we only ended up with the hat I guess after cleaning out my mom's house. I think that all of us kids were once that bunny (for Halloween not Easter).
Then the day after Easter was Lorenzo's first birthday! I can't believe he is one. Where did the year go. He is becoming such a "big boy", now every time he takes a few steps Esperanza claps her hands and says mom yea, he's a big boy. But he is still not walking very far. He gets really nervous. It is funny to watch.
We had a little family party for Lorenzo for his birthday. It was a busy day. I had a job interview and it was Esperanza's first day of swimming lessons, and Spencer had school so we had to fit his party in, in the hour that we were all together that day, but Lorenzo certainly enjoyed his cupcake. I think that was his favorite part.
He even got to open one present all by himself. He had a lot of help with the rest of the presents.
Finally they got to try out his new tricycle. I am sure glad that it fits two. Good thing my kids are small. I just can't believe how fast my little guy is growing up. He cracks me up. I think he has a lot of Spencer in him. He teases Esperanza all the time, and he jumps on her. He loves to wrestle, and he is just so good. He is always laughing and smiling. He is such a little mommas boy. I love it! He is so sweet. I am so thankful we have him.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Like Mother:Like Daughter

Esperanza fell asleep reading her book; isn't she cute. She likes to read in bed in order to fall asleep and that is just like me. I will stay up all night reading and finally fall asleep on the couch. Spencer always makes fun of me because I will say I'll come to bed in 10 minutes I just got to get to the end of the chapter and then I end up falling asleep on the couch.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Fever!

Snow, snow, and more snow. I am so ready for spring. I am starting to feel cooped up. I actually like the snow, but the winters here are very long. I feel like they start in November and go until May. The sun doesn't shine very often in the winter, and the wind is very cold. So I am ready for warm weather. It has been a fun winter to play in the snow. Esperanza loves it because she likes to get messy. She loves to jump in puddles, go sledding and build snowmen. Lorenzo is also a trooper in the snow. He will sit in it and play in it. He is so funny to watch. This is a picture of Esperanza and Spencer trying to shovel a little path to our porch, so our landlord didn't have to. We live in a duplex and our landlord lives downstairs. He is around 80 and just the sweetest guy. I feel a little bad because we are not the quietest upstairs neighbors. We are always running around or banging something or someone is crying. He is always very nice about it, and says he likes the little ones so not to worry about it. This is our lovely misshaped snowman. Every time we walk to the car Essy says hi noman, bye noman.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


We went to a University of Toledo basketball game last night because it was family night and only five dollars for the whole family. We all got to sit in the student section since it was spring break and wasn't very full so we were practically sitting on the floor. It was fun and the kids loved it! Sometimes the games are a little bit reminiscent of high school games to me. The University doesn't have a very good basketball or football team and so they don't have many fans, but it is fun to go, and of course for Spencer it doesn't matter what sporting event it is. He loves them all. I think that the kids are going to be brain-washed into loving sports. I think I am going to have to start putting a little more influence in different directions so they will be a little bit more well-rounded. Don't get me wrong I love sports, but I can't quite feel the passion that Spencer does. For instance when deciding where to apply for jobs he considers the sporting events in the area. Like when we made the decision to come to school here, the area called his name because within a 90 minute radius of Toledo there is Michigan, Ohio state, Notre Dame, the Cavs, Pistons, Lions, Browns, Tigers, and Indians, not to mention Chicago is only 4 hours away! What do I say to that AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There goes all of our very small income, or in other words we had to take out extra student loans to accomadate his sports addiction (just kidding about the loans). But he does want to get a final four ticket valued at $500 for next year in Detroit. He is claiming he wants it to be his birthday, father's day and Christmas present combined. What do I say, not going to happen! Good thing I love him sports addiction and all.

Spring Break!

Hooray! Spencer started spring break on Friday. I love when school is out. Although I never seem to get anything done when Spencer is around. I think I get into my own routine and then when Spence is home all day then I don't get a thing done. It is fun though and the kids love it. At night I tell Essy good night and I love you and she always says I love my daddy. She is such a daddy's girl. Jared came to stay at our house Friday night and Saturday morning because he had been in Detroit for work and since it is only an hour a way he came to visit before he went home. It was fun to have him. I love having visitors. Sometimes I feel like we are out here in the middle of no where without our families, so it is fun to see someone from home. Anyways, Jared got here on Friday after the kids were asleep so when Esperanza woke up on Saturday morning we told her to go and see who was on the couch. So she ran out there and I guess she stood looking at him closely and he said hi and then she came running and crying back saying there's a guy, there's a guy. It was so funny. It only took her a little bit to warm up to him and then he was her best friend. I think she must miss the family too.