Wednesday, October 15, 2008


we enjoyed a trip to the zoo while we were in Arizona

This is one of the most informative zoo train rides I have ever been on. Interesting fact did you know rhino horns are made out of hair. I thought that was cool.

Well, my kids and I took a little trip to Arizona for the weekend. We drove down there for Abraham's baptism. And I will tell you what it was a much needed trip. Although I swear my kids always get sick just when we are going to go on a trip. The day before we were supposed to leave Lorenzo started vomiting then breaks out in a rash so I knew right away he had strep throat. So he was not the happiest on the trip but we did survive his crying. Poor thing. We took Zane with us and Esperanza and Zane enjoyed playing with their cousins. On the way down there we stopped at my Grandma's house in Hurricane and then we got up early in the morning and left for Arizona and as we are leaving Esperanza just started crying so hard and I was like what is the matter kind of surprised and she said I didn't get to play at grandma Heaton's house. I thought that was cute. She just loves grandma heaton. Zane was really good the whole trip, but as we were on our way home we stopped at grandma's again and he says when are we going to be home and I said in awhile and his eye well up with tears and he says because I really really miss my mom and he started to cry. It was so cute it just like hit him all of the sudden. Anyways we always love to visit Matt and Patty and their cute kids.

Essy and Afton in the kangaroo pouch We even got to enjoy Addie's birthday with her

Monday, October 6, 2008


Of course I forgot Spencer has not let my kids forget that he is a BYU fan and that they also should be BYU fans, but on a more positve note BYU did drop in the rankings and Lorenzo started nursery!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer recap

Well, I thought I would give a recap of our summer since it is only almost Halloween and I think Fall is officially starting. The weather has been so nice, but I guess it is finally going to cool down. We had a very fun summer hanging around the pool. I think my kids grew gills by the end of the summer. Anyways, the Calls have not kicked us out yet surprisingly but I do think Esperanza and Lorenzo have managed to break all of Iris's knick-knacks wait that is slightly exaggerating it maybe only half. We had a couple of fun trips we went to Yellowstone which was so beautiful. Of course I don't have pictures because my camera was packed the majority of the summer. We went to southern Utah and spent some time with my grandparents. I guess that is about it but it was a nice summer. Esperanza did have a wonderful third birthday. She is so big. It was so funny she was so excited for her party all week and she was singing happy birthday to herself all week, so when the party finally came she was singing happy birthday the very loudest. I love it! All of her cousins were there and she felt like the princess for a day. It was really fun. She had a princess cake we did some great crafts and finally at Spencer's request we had a pinata

These pictures are of the pinata and Essy singing

Yum yum candy!
I just love my little girl and the spirit and joy that she brings to our family what would we do without her wonderful personality