Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Haunted Hospital

I think I may have had a small lapse of parenting judgement. Lorenzo has been begging to go to a haunted house and the haunted hospital in Tooele just opened up. Last weekend Esperanza was having a sleep over and Lorenzo just kept begging. So we decided to take him. He invited his good friend and cousin Zane who is 9 to go with him. My boy thinks he is way older then 3. I probably should have had some reservations when he told me on the way that he wasnt three anymore but almost nine like zane. Anyways those haunted houses are scary. I hadn't been to one since I was in high school and forgot how creepy they are. I do have to say though that I have a very brave son. He made it through and he didn't cry and even wanted to go again after, but I think we better wait a few years before we do that again.


rayndrop said...

you are brave and so is he. those places are scary.

A Person from the Genocidal Generation said...

That is one weird boy. Where did you get him? Oh wait you're his mom.

The Heaton's said...

Are you serious...I won't even go to places like that! What a brave little boy! When I started reading your post I thought you were going to say he has had nightmares or something...ya no!