Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh what do you do with a three year old

Since Esperanza just started preschool it has been great fun to spend alone time with Lorenzo.  I am pretty sure he lives in a dream world.  It is so amazing how he views the world, but the other day we had a funny little conversation.
Lorenzo: Mom are we buddies?
Me: Sure we are
Lorenzo: Well, do you like spiderman
Me: Sure
Lorenzo: Well, then we cant be buddies because I like batman now.
Me: Oh, so what if I like dinosaurs and you like batman can we still be buddies?
Lorenzo: Yeah I like dinosaurs too so we can be buddies
Me: Ok what if I like strawberry shortcake?  Can we be buddies?
Lorenzo: Mom! That is a bad word. Never say that to me again. Strawberry shortcake is for girls.
I just had to laugh to see the workings of his mind.  Always full of questions and surprises!


Saddie said...

Sounds like you need to wash your mouth out with soap. How funny!

rayndrop said...

isaac and i had a good laugh over this one.

i can't get away with using the word "sure" to answer asher's questions. he needs something more definite.

sea world was fun. wish you guys could've come. we always have disneyland, right?